Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nestum Cereal Goodness

I'm backdating my entries cause I only just started this blog.
So this is Day 1 - 11th April 2010.

I made Mack (my house mate) a cup of Nestum Cereal 3 in 1 cause she was feeling hungry and cold. Well, me too. So..I made both of us some nestum goodness! What a way to warm up the cold cold night in Melbourne. Sob sob..where did summer go??

She had never heard of Nestum and was wondering what "hot porridge thing" I was giving her. One sip was all she had to make the decision that "Janice, next time you buy these 3 in 1 cereals, buy 1 packet for me". "OK!" That drink made the night soo much better, us so much warmer, and mack so much hungrier. Yikes!

But glad it made you smile. =D


  1. simple acts of love (: not elaborate, not detailed.

    way to go Janice! spread and share the love of God!!

    mickey happens to want some organic bananas. any? haha

  2. organic bananas??? why so atas one!! I think buy at home less expensive than here lor.

    Anyway..thank you for the encouragement!! muacks!